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Object Oriented Programming Using C++


  • Object Oriented Programming Using C++

Object Oriented Programming Using C++

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Unit ? I : Introduction

Introducing Object ? Oriented Approach, Relating to other Paradigms (Functional, Data decomposition.)

Basic Terms and Ideas : Abstraction, Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Review of C, Difference between C and C++ – cin, Cout, New, Delete, Operators.

Unit ? II : Classes and Objects

Encapsulation, Information Hiding, Abstract Data Types, Oriented & Classes, Attributes, Methods, C++ Class Declaration, State Idendity and Behaviour of an object, Constructors and Destructors, Instantiation of objects, Default Parameter Value, Object types, C++ garbage collection, dynamic memory allocation, Metaclass/Abstract Classes.

Unit ? III : Inheritance and Polymorphism

Inheritance, Class Hierarchy, Derivation ? Public, Private & Protected, Aggregation, Composition Vs. Classification Hierarchies, Polymorphism, Categorization of Polymorphism Techniques, Method polymorphism, Polymorphism by Parameter, Operator Overloading, Parameteric Polymorphism.

Unit ? IV : Generic Function



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