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Numerical Methods


  • Numerical Methods

Numerical Methods

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Unit I

Roots of Equations: Bisections Method, False Position Method, Newton’s-Raphson Method, Rate of convergence of Newton’s-Method.

Unit II

Interpolation and Extrapolation : Finite Differences, The operator E, Newton’s Forward and Backward Differences, Newton’s dividend differences formulae, Lagrange’s Interpolation formula for unequal Intervals, Gauss’s Interpolation formula, Starling formula, Bessel’s formula, Laplace- Everett formula.

Unit III

Numerical Differentiation Numerical Integration : Introduction, direct methods, maxima and minima of a tabulated function, General Quadratic formula, Trapezoidal rule, Simpson’s One third rule, Simpson’s three- eight rule.

Unit IV

Solution of Linear Equation : Gauss’s Elimination Method and Gauss’s Siedel Iterative Method.

Unit V

Solution of Differential Equations : Euler’s Method, Picard’s Method, Fourth-order Rvnge – Kutta Method.

Dr. P.K. Mittal

Robins Rastogi

Ramesh Srivastava

ISBN : 978-93-82975-31-1

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