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Managerial Economics

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Unit – I : Nature and Scope of Managerial Economics, its relationship with other subjects. Fundamental Economic Tools-Opportunity cost concept, Intermental concept, Principle of time perspective, Discounting principle and Equimarginal principle.

Unit – II : Demand Analysis : Concept and importance of Demand & its determinants Income & Substitution effects. Various elasticities of demand, using elasticities in managerial decisions, revenue concepts, relevance of demand forecasting and methods of demand forecasting.

Unit – III : Cost Concept : Various cost concepts and classification, Cost output relationship in short run & long run cost curves). Economics and diseconomies of scale, Cost control and Cost reduction, Indifferent curves.

Unit – IV : Pricing : Pricing methods, Price and output decisions under different market structures-perfect competition, Monopoly and Monopolistic Competition, Oligopoly.

Unit – V : Profit Mgt & Inflation : Profit, Functions of profit, Profit maximization, Break Even analysis. Elementary idea of Inflation.

Dr. Pankaj Dixit

Anuj Goel

ISBN : 978-93-82975-26-7


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