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Java Programming and Dynamic Webpage Design


  • Java Programming and Dynamic Webpage Design

Java Programming and Dynamic Webpage Design

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Unit ? I

Java Programming: Data types, control structured, arrays, strings, and vector, classes (inheritance, package, exception handling) multithreaded programming.

Unit ? II

Java applets : AWT controls (Button, Labels, Combo box, list and other Listeners, menu bar) layout manager, string handling (only main functions)

Unit ? III

Networking (datagram socket and TCP/IP based server socket) event handling, JDBC: Introduction, Drivers, Establishing Connection, Connection Pooling.

Unit ? IV

HTML: use of commenting, headers, text styling, images, formatting text with , special characters, horizontal rules, line breaks, table, forms, image maps, tags, tags, file formats including image formats.

Unit ? V

Java Servlets: Introduction, HTTP Servlet Basics, The Servlet Lifecycle, Retrieving Information, Sending HTML Information, Session Tracking, Database Connectivity.

Unit ? VI

Java Server Pages: Introducing Java Server Pages, JSP Overview, Setting Up the JSP Environment, Generating Dynamic Content, Using Custom Tag Libraries and the JSP Standard Tag Library, Processing Input and Output.

Ashish Bhatnagar

ISBN : 978-93-82975-32-8


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