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Introduction to DBMS


  • Introduction to DBMS

Introduction to DBMS

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Unit ? I

Introduction : Characteristics of database approach, data models, DBMS architecture and data independence.

Unit ? II

E-R Modeling : Entity types, Entity set, attribute and key, relationships, relation types, roles and structural constraints, weak entities, enhanced E-R and object modeling, Sub classes; Super classes, inheritance, specialization and generalization.

Unit ? III

File Organization : Indexed sequential access files; implementation using B & B++ trees, hashing, hashing functions, collision resolution, extendible hashing, dynamic hashing approach implementation and performance.

Unit ? IV

Relational Data Model : Relational model concepts, relational constraints, relational alzebra; SQL: SQL queries, programming using SQL.

Unit ? V

EER and ER to Relational Mapping : Data base design using EER to relational language.

Unit ? VI

Data Normalization : Functional Dependencies, Normal form up to 3rd normal form; Concurrency Control : Transaction processing, locking techniques and associated, database recovery, security and authorization. Recovery Techniques, Database Security.

Sanjay Kaushik

Manoj Kumar

ISBN : 978-93-82975-28-1


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