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Fundamentals of Computers


  • Fundamentals of Computers

Fundamentals of Computers

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Unit I : History of computing, Characteristics of computers, Limitations of computers, Basic computer organization, Generations of computers.

Unit II : Input-Output Devices : Keyboard, Mouse, Light pen, touch screens, VDU, Scanners, MICR, OCR, OMR, Printers and its type, Plotters, Microfilm, Microfiche, Voice Recognition and Reponse Devices.

Unit III : Storage Devices : Primary and Secondary Storage devices- RAM, ROM, Cached Memory, Registers, Storage Concept, Hard disk, Floppy disk, CD-ROM, Magnetic tapes and cartridges, comparison of sequential and direct- Access devices.

Unit IV : Computer Software : Relationship between hardware and software, Computer languages-Machine language Assembly language, High-level languages, Compliers & interpreters, Characteristics of good language.

Unit V : Operating System & Internet : Definition and functions of O.S. Batch Processing, Multipurpossing, Multiprogramming, time sharing, On-line process, Real time process. Introduction to window-98, Internet & its uses, terminology of internet, Browser, Search engines, E-Mail, Video conferencing.

Naveen K. Mittal

Pankaj Sharma

ISBN : 978-93-82975-27-4


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