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Unit ? I : Basic Concepts : Components of data communication, distributed processing, standards and organizations. Line configuration, topology, Transmission mode, and categories of networks; OSI and TCP/IP Models: Layers and their functions, comparison of models; Digital Transmission: Interfaces and Modems: DTE-DCE Interface, Modems, Cable Modems.

Unit ? II : Transmission Media : Guided and unguided, Attenuation, distortion, noise, throughput, propagation speed and time, wavelength, Shannon capacity, comparison of media.

Unit ? III : Telephony : Multiplexing, error detection and correction: Many to one, One to many, WDM, TDM, FDM, Circuit switching, packet switching and message switching; Data Link Control Protocols : Line discipline, flow control, error control, synchronous and asynchronous protocols, character and bit oriented protocols, Link access procedures; Point to Point Controls : Transmission states, PPP layers, LCP, Authentication, NCP; ISDN: Services, Historical outline, subscriber’s access, ISDN Layers and broadcast ISDN.

Unit ? IV : Devices : Repeaters, bridges, gateways, routers, The Network Layer, Design issues, Routing algorithms, Congestion control Algorithms, Quality of service, Internetworking, Network-Layer in the Internet.

Unit ? V : Transport and Upper Layers in OSI Model : Transport layer functions, connection management, functions of session layers, presentation layer and application layer.

Neeraj Pratap

Vishal Kohli

ISBN : 978-93-82975-30-4


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