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Computer Laboratory and Practicals Works of OOPS


  • Computer Laboratory and Practicals Works of OOPS

Computer Laboratory and Practicals Works of OOPS

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Unit ? I : Introduction

Introducing Object ? Oriented Approach, Relating to other paradigms (Functional, Data decomposition.)

Basic Terms and Ideas

Abstraction, Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Review of C, Difference between C and C++ – cin, cout, new, delete, operators.

Unit ? II : Classes and Objects

Encapsulation, information hiding, abstract data types, Oriented & classes, attributes, methods, C++ class declaration, State idendity and behaviour of an object, Constructors and destructors, instantiation of objects, Default parameter value, object types, C++ garbage collection, dynamic memory allocation, Metaclass/abstract classes.

Unit ? III : Inheritance and Polymorphism

Inheritance, Class hierarchy, derivation ? public, private & protected, Aggregation, composition Vs. classification hierarchies, Polymorphism, Categorization of polymorphism techniques, Method polymorphism, Polymorphism by parameter, Operator overloading, Parameteric Polymorphism.

Unit ? IV : Generic Function

Template function, function name overloading, Overriding inheritance methods, Run time polymorphism, Multiple Inheritance.

Unit ? V : Files and Exception Handling

Streams and files, Namespaces, Exception Handling, Generic Classes.

Navin K. Mittal

Pankaj Sharma

ISBN : 978-93-80225-94-4


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